Artificial Intelligence for Real-World


Artificial Intelligence for Real-World Evidence data

Designing an integrated medical strategy to querie and analyze library of algorithms /large volumes of heterogeneous data to develop real-world evidence data accurately, efficiently, rapidly.

Organizational development

Designing medical affairs organization structure, scale, governance model.

Building up medical affairs capabilities.

Designing scientific education platform- Medical Academy.

Hire and develop medical talent to cultivate a strong, Word Class Medical Affairs organization culture.

Local Execution of Medical Strategy Plan

PMO for the execution of Medical Strategy Plan.

Performance Management

Developing KPIs, metrics focusing on quantitative outcomes and qualitative achievements. Designing custom dashboards. Measuring Scientific impact.

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“I am Passionate about providing medical affairs consultancy services to support Pharmaceutical companies, Biotech organizations, contributing patients life’s, optimizing treatments, accelerating patient access for innovative products.”

Mujgan Ates
Founder, Managing Director, Blueink

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